"We are a mother-daughter team providing postpartum support to families as they find their way in their new roles as parents.

In September 2018 a baby boy was born into our family - Gerda's grandson and Jana's first baby. This pregnancy journey, the birth and especially the postpartum period became the birthplace and inspiration for Tulani Postpartum care services.

Our hearts were inspired to serve other families with newborn mothers and babies in a way that will empower them to reach out and serve those around them."

Gerda Scheepers

Somebody recently asked me: "What is your work?" I paused. What is my work? I can make long lists of things I do, even the things I'm qualified to do or skilled in... but my work? And then it dawned on me. I am a mother. I have three children. I have a grandchild. I have loved countless children - in different seasons, from different countries, in different ways... and now, in the second half of my life, I can love mothers in a way that they can love their children better.

I am honoured to be part of Tulani Postpartum care Services. I share this "work" with one of my own children, my daughter Jana Belter, and I am carried in this by the support of my husband and other children. My inspiration comes from the sacred moments I share with mothers when they receive their babies in love. I am in awe of the Author of Life and the grace that abounds when humans reach out to each other. I want to offer my gifts to make the world a better place - from mother to mother.

Jana Belter

When you're a young mother with a newborn baby (your first), life becomes extremely challenging. So much to learn, so many emotions to deal with, more change than one person should ever have to deal with - alone. And then to discover that you're not alone - you have the new you (the mother instinct that has been born right with your baby), a loving partner and the support of others - that is a gift. It doesn't take away the exhaustion, or the pain, or the feeling of being totally overwhelmed, but it does make it bearable and somehow you survive and reach a place where your body and mind and soul have adapted to a new normal and you wake up (still tired) to the awareness of a new strength and a new joy - motherhood.

Looking back there is the knowing that what carried you through all the toughness and wildness, was a community that supported you, gave you confidence in your ability and cheered you on through every growth spurt. It was early in my motherhood journey that I realized: this is the gift I want to pay forward, this is the gift that should be a given for every new mother.